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ProfitStars Web Solutions Marketing Products


ProfitStarsDirect is a library of non-customized, ready-for-print, free marketing materials to which all ProfitStars clients receive access. Limited customization of some pieces is available for an additional cost. Let ProfitStars help you with ready-made creative materials to save you time and money!



Dynamic Content Modules

Looking for simple ways to make your website more current and compelling to set your financial institution apart from the competition? The new functionality of Dynamic Content Modules™ from ProfitStars® enable userinteractive enhancements for your website – and help you keep customers and members coming back for more!



Life Stages

Looking for a better way to present your products, services, and general information to your customers based on their own current life situation? Then take a look at the ProfitStars "Life Stages" marketing approach. Split your customers into specific target-demographic categories and customize the pages to show the information that is relevant to them right now.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the method of informing search engines and their users of how relevant your website content is in relation to their searches. By building your website in a certain way, we can use many SEO best practices to make sure that your website's content is correctly tagged for keyword/key phrase search relevance, helping to drive more appropriate search traffic to your website.