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Life Stages

What It Is

'Life Stages' is an area of your website which presents your products, services, and other pertinent information to appropriate demographic groups based on where they are currently in their life. For example, 16 year-olds are not really the target market for an IRA, but it does make sense to point them toward your basic checking and savings accounts, and tout your useful account and service options, such as online banking and bill pay. It's also a good idea to point out tips that an age 10 to 22 demographic group might need to think about in planning for their future after school.

However, couples who are planning for a family have different concerns from a 20 year-old at a university. They're worried about looking for a new home, having enough money to help their children pay for college, or having enough in savings should they find themselves without a job. Thus, the information, products, and services presented to this demographic group will undoubtedly need to be tailored to their needs.

Why You Need It

Unlike younger generations, studies show that adults who surf the Internet most often have a very specific objective in mind while they are searching. You have to anticipate their needs and present them with the desired information quickly and conveniently, or you run the risk of losing their attention and business to another company whose information was easier to find and better organized.

'Life Stages' is one method of helping our clients to anticipate their customers' needs based on their customers' demographic and the typical financial and informational needs of that demographic.

The 'Life Stages' area also provides you with excellent cross-marketing and targeted marketing opportunities. Ad space on each page can potentially be used to highlight current specials.

What We Provide

With 'Life Stages', you will choose the demographic groups appropriate to your market, up to eight Stages in total. Initially suggested demographic categories include: Student, Young Adult, Family-On-The-Go, Career-Oriented, Pre-Retiree, and Retiree. Demographic categories may be customized or changed entirely as needed. Some current ProfitStars clients customized their 'Life Stages' areas with Business and Military demographic information because it better filled their market needs.

For each of these groups, ProfitStars will provide an initial description of that Stage, an initial set of Tips & Tricks (which you may customize), and a suggested list of appropriate and useful financial calculators*.

What You Provide

You choose which products and services to present with each Stage and add or customize any other information you find relevant to target toward that demographic.


Hills Bank
HomeTown Bank

Life Stages demo example

* Financial calculators are not included with all packages but may be purchased a la carte, as needed.