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What Is It

ProfitStars understands the marketing needs of our clients and has created a large library of creative materials for our clients to choose from. The non-customized, ready-for-print marketing materials are completely free and clients may download an unlimited number of these non-customized materials which can then be directly sent to a local print shop for print and production. Or, for an additional cost, clients may choose limited customization and have those materials delivered directly through ProfitStarsDirect.

Why You Need It

With ProfitStarsDirect, you can save time and money. Reduce your marketing expenses and improve efficiency by presenting a consistent and coherent marketing message across product lines. You will have instant access to agency quality marketing materials which can go straight to a local print shop for print and production. A clear and consistent marketing message can generate new income streams while attracting and retaining high-value customers.

What We Provide

With your website package purchase, all ProfitStars clients receive access to ProfitStarsDirect and unlimited downloads of available non-customized creative materials, at your fingertips whenever you want them. The ProfitStarsDirect library is regularly updated so that your institution is assured of unique and fresh ideas.

What You Provide

If you choose limited customization, you will be asked to provide the information which can be customized for the particular piece in question, such as editing the text, placing the institution's logo, adding contact information, etc.