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ProfitStars Web Solutions Security Products

ProfitStars Security Solutions can help insulate your customers, your reputation, and your virtual branch from the impacts of web-based attacks with a variety of tailored services designed to protect, guard, and respond. Here's an overview of how they work:


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Your institution will undergo a vetting process and unique credentials will be issued to your website via ProfitStars Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) solution and to your staff via ProfitStars Encrypted Mail solution. Upon installation of these solutions, all electronic communications to/from your institution can be routinely validated for authenticity and security level – by you and your customers.


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After receiving credentials, ProfitStars Website Monitoring solution will surround your virtual branch with a swarm of Internet-based monitoring agents –third party computer systems that will routinely check the strength and integrity of your website for unauthorized changes to your credentials, directions, or content.  Your institution and customers will be provided with distinctive platforms that display up-to-the-minute website integrity status. 


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In the event that an attacker is successful in establishing a counterfeit beachhead in the form of a bogus site, the Phishing Defense & Response solution will eliminate the threat of further attack with its trained security professionals – anytime, anywhere. A compliance-oriented debriefing report explaining the site takedown operations will be provided to your institution shortly after the operation has concluded.

Instructing your website visitors about these services will help your institution to close the security knowledge gap, improve your online banking acceptance rates, and reassure your customers of a continued commitment to earn their trust in the digital age.