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Phishing Defense & Response

Why You Need It

  • Is your institution prepared to respond quickly and appropriately if your customers become the target of a phishing attack?
  • Does your institution have the in-house expertise to properly investigate a phishing incident and attempt to take down the fraudulent site?

As a Phishing Defense & Response Service client, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have the security experts at ProfitStars readily available as resources if your institution becomes the target of a phishing attack.

What It Is

ProfitStars has tailored its Phishing Defense & Response Service to meet the needs of our Web-hosting Service clients in order to help protect their customers from costly online phishing scams.

Our service includes two tiers — first, our team is prepared to act fast to investigate the phishing incident, and second, we attempt to take down the fraudulent site as quickly as possible in order to minimize the impact of the attack. The goal of our service is to assist our clients in protecting their customers from phishing scams and to quickly disable sites that are designed to capture confidential information. We can also assist you in contacting the appropriate agencies to report the incident and in making recommendations regarding appropriate language to place on your website to educate your customers about phishing techniques.

What We Provide

The Phishing Defense & Response Service for ProfitStars Web-hosting Service Clients includes:

  • An Annual Fixed Agreement - For a fixed monthly fee, ProfitStars will address up to five phishing attacks per annual agreement, providing incident investigation to locate the fraudulent website and attempting to take down the site.
  • Phishing Attacks in Excess of the Fixed Agreement Handled Promptly - If ProfitStars is asked to address more than five phishing attacks per annual agreement, then a fixed per incident fee will apply.


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