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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates

What It Is

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a robust implementation of an industry-standard credential and encryption solution. The ProfitStars SSL solutions provide the foundation for authentic and reliably secure website communications between your institution and its online visitors. A proper SSL certificate indicates that the website/web server which a user has reached is the correct website/web server associated to the specified domain name, and all communication between the user's computer and that website/web server will be encrypted (unreadable to humans) and secured for the duration of the connection.

How It Works

An SSL certificate for a domain name is issued to the company which owns the domain name by an accepted authority, known as a Certificate Authority (CA). Verisign (which acquired Thawte and GeoTrust), GoDaddy, and Comodo share the largest percentage of the website SSL certificate market and are considered the most well-known of CAs. Once the SSL certificate has been installed for the domain on the web server, a web browser going to that domain can request an HTTPS—the 'S' stands for 'secure'—connection with the web server by requesting a copy of the server's SSL certificate. The server uses the SSL certificate to create a secure, encrypted connection between the two machines across the Internet for the duration of that connection.

Why You Need It

Without the authentic credentials provided by an SSL solution, your website customers will not be able to distinguish your legitimate site from the growing number of fraudulent imposters.

Without the strong encryption facilities provided by SSL, customer (or member) information is transmitted in the clear and can therefore easily fall into the wrong hands and cause significant damage your brand and your valued relationships.

Today’s banking consumers are savvy shoppers that expect FI security measures to match or exceed the levels now standard among online retailers and search engine providers.

With cases of web fraud increasing and financial institutions being high on the list of potential targets, can you afford NOT to have the additional security of SSL?

What We Provide

ProfitStars provides a turnkey implementation of SSL and Extended Validation SSL Certificate (EV-SSL). After a thorough vetting process, a unique certificate, issued by Verisign - the world’s leading Certificate Authority, will be installed throughout the ProfitStars website hosting infrastructure ensuring comprehensive protections.

A verifiable digital watermark will be placed on your site to help your customers distinguish its unique SSL characteristics.

Verisign watermark

The ProfitStars SSL solutions are distinctive in the industry: both SSL and EV-SSL options have been equipped with advanced performance acceleration and mobile optimization features that have been designed to overcome the additional weight of an added encryption layer – meaning that your visitors won’t experience increased delay in their interactions as a result of your attention to security. The result of our solution is a robust, distributed, and highly accelerated SSL channel that is fully optimized for the online transactions of today, and tomorrow.



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