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Website Integrity Monitoring

What It Is

Catbird Pharming Detection Suite monitors the site and alerts the administrator to pharming attack. Integrity of the site is
re-established and Bank customers connect to the site protected by Catbird’s monitoring.

The Catbird Anti-Pharming Suite covers the broadest spectrum of pharming strains, including DNS hijacking, website defacement, and the most sophisticated of all pharming intrusions: “man-in-the-middle” attacks.

The Pharming Shield brand is synonymous with serious security monitoring - something your website visitors expect and appreciate. Compliance Officers take notice: At its very core, Pharming Shield is a unique set of policy-enforcing controls that will surround your critical website resources in order to keep your institution in line with FFIEC recommended guidelines. Marketing personnel and Security officers alike will also appreciate the additional benefits of Pharming Shield’s digital watermark which provides website visitors with a recognizable 3rd party tool to provide the up-to-the-minute status of a website’s security and integrity. If the logo reflects an Unverified or Unavailable status visitors will notice and avoid disclosure of sensitive information. In addition to these fundamental features, the Pharming Shield watermark also serves as a unique “homing beacon” that will report any foreign misuse of your unique website content.

Why You Need It

The enhanced level of education bolsters respect and recognition by your online visitors– cementing your brand with one of the highest integrity and honoring the trusted relationships that your institution strives to protect.

  • Detect the widest variety of pharming attacks
  • Protect your assets
  • Protect your brand
  • Protect your reputation
  • Secure your customers against online identity theft
  • Instant coverage; nothing to install

Companies have invested millions of dollars in their e-commerce presence–their main means of generating revenue from their customers. If this interaction is jeopardized, it is extremely difficult to preserve customer trust and loyalty. The Catbird Anti-Pharming Suite is proven protection that allows IT managers to sleep well at night without worrying about whether the bad guys are chipping away at their assets, reputation, and brand.

What We Provide

By monitoring critical online resources 24x7, Pharming Shield will notify designated FI representatives of any unauthorized changes that could impact your virtual branch. Email, SMS, and pager alerts are all supported notification options, in addition to regularly scheduled reports that outline the status of your Pharming Shield over time.

In the event that your institution is targeted by an active pharming attack, you’ll know about it and can take timely responsive actions based on your own terms and plans. If you need assistance in creating or improving your incident response policies, ProfitStars can help.


Pharming shield workflow   Pharming shield screen shot   Pharming shield logo


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