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Client Quotations about ProfitStars Web Solutions

"We have been with ProfitStars (originally Goldleaf) for the past 12+ years and have never had a bad experience with them. I highly recommend them! We also use their CMS system. It is a great feeling to be able to make changes to our website and publish our change immediately when I want and not have to submit a change request. That said, the times that something needs to be done that is outside the range of CMS or my expertise, their turn-around time is exceedingly fast."

Ruth Lang, Online Services Manager
First Federal Savings Bank
Twin Falls, ID


"Goldleaf truly has proven experience with the financial institution's Internet compliance requirements. All the behind-the-scenes issues were accomplished without missing a beat, and data security was paramount in the process. I can sincerely state, First State Bank's Internet audit will be a non-event. Goldleaf covered every possible concern and exceeded regulatory requirements. They know this industry inside out."

Seri Neal, COO
First State Bank
Lincoln, NE


"For more than seven years, Goldleaf has provided our bank with outstanding service and reliability. Their support staff is quick to respond and never leave an issue unresolved. Goldleaf continues to roll out new and innovative products that keep our Web site fresh. From the initial setup to yesterday's update, Goldleaf has provided whatever we needed, whenever we needed it."

Roger D. Miller, AVP
Whitaker Bank
Lexington, KY


"Goldleaf was responsive to our supervising agencies Internet protocols. Not only did they deliver security, they delivered world-class website quality and outstanding customer care. We would highly recommend Goldleaf as your website development and hosting service provider."

Todd Williams, VP
Dallas, TX


Goldleaf Financial Solutions, Inc. was purchased by Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. in 2009 and the Website Hosting department was added to their ProfitStars division, renamed to ProfitStars Web Solutions. For more information about ProfitStars and its set of solutions, please visit the company at www.profitstars.com.