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Content Management System (CMS)

Why You Need It

  • Have you ever looked at your website and spotted a typographical error or broken hyperlink that you wish you could just correct quickly while you're looking at it instead of calling your website provider to do it?
  • Have you wanted to grant access to update your financial institution's website to several employees in different departments, but only give them access to their own department area of the website?
  • Does your marketing department want to approve every change that is made to the website, no matter who originally made the change?

If you said 'Yes!' to any of the questions above, then your institution may be interested in our website Content Management System (CMS).

What It Is

The Content Management System (CMS) puts your financial institution in control of your website content via a user-friendly web interface similar to MS-Word that will allow both technical and non-technical contributors to update your financial institution's website with ease. It includes a flexible workflow and content approval process that allows appropriate stakeholders to review and approve new and changed content before it is published. It allows for management of text, images, links, and documents, as well as text archiving and retrieval.

CMS functionality is currently included as part of all website packages.

What We Provide

We will set up your website project structure, content, and workflow within the system so that as much of the website as possible will be editable by you while still maintaining our high level of security standards. Once the set up is completed, you receive a link to the CMS online.

What You Provide

As part of the development process, we will identify the types of information which your financial institution would like to be able to update through the CMS based upon the design and layout selected. You will provide the content of the website as part of the development process. When we are ready to establish your project's users and workflows, we will request information about the desired users and their requested level of access within the project. It's that simple!

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