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Additional ProfitStars Website Features - a la carte list

If one of these elements did not come with the package you purchased, or if you need more than what comes with the package, these additional website-based products and services can be purchased along with your package selection so that you know you have exactly what you need to make your website exactly as you desire.

Dynamic Elements & Information Feeds Other Website Elements
ProfitStars CMS (basic editing for a single user) Additional web pages (10 or 20 page blocks)
Additional CMS user logins (up to 20 total) Banner ads (dynamic or non-dynamic)
Additional CMS workflow groups Custom 404 (File Not Found) error page
Calendar Custom image manipulation
Dynamic Content Modules Custom programming
Financial calculators in English (50) Domain Purchase/Renewals  **SEE BELOW**
Financial calculators in Spanish (20) Flash movie animation
Navigation menus Kids’ calculator page
News feeds (individual, groups of four, or all together) Life Stages
Rate board NetTeller® demo
Scripted functions  **SEE BELOW** Online forms (HTML or PDF submit)
Secure File Exchange Site Search engine optimization (SEO)
Stock watch module Search your website
Weather watch module Website trend statistics


Scripted Functions

Instead of enumerating all of the various functionalities which ProfitStars Web Solutions can provide as part of specific website packages, we decided that it would be better to allow our clients to choose the specific functions they would like to include as part of their websites. Instead of specifying on a per-package basis, our packages now come with specified numbers of 'scripted functions' at the basic or advanced level. Our Premium packages also come with up to 4 hours of custom programming in case the functions below do not quite fit their needs. The following is a list of just some of the scripted functions from which financial institutions may choose for their websites.

Please note that basic CSS-based menu/submenu drop-down functionality will be included as part of the package purchased. Scripts that are required as part of another vendor's solution, such as online banking, are usually also added without additional cost unless significant, time-consuming difficulties arise as part of the setup.

A basic scripted function is one which can be set up with relatively little additional code or time during the development process. Some of our basic scripted functions include:

  • Dynamic date stamp (on individual or all pages)
  • 'Print This Page' functionality
  • Text-resizing capability
  • 'Tell A Friend' functionality
  • Jump menus (linking to other pages, documents, or websites through a drop-down list)
  • Basic horizontal scrolling message
  • 3-image rotation or slideshow
  • Simple validation
  • Simple Drop-in content box (often used for alerts)
  • Google Safe-search


An advanced scripted function is one which is more complicated to set up and/or takes quite a bit of time during the development process. Some of our advanced scripted functions include:

  • Video players
  • Embedded Twitter feeds
  • Special menu/submenu functionality (other than the basic CSS-based drop-down menus)
  • Content manipulations, such as hide/reveal, accordions, or tabs
  • Required links or complex validation
  • Shadow (or Light) boxes
  • Image galleries or slideshows
  • Advanced content scrollers
  • Complex table functions and styling
  • Complex url redirects


A custom programming function is a JavaScript, VBScript, jQuery, Ajax, or other web solution which may be available on another website but which ProfitStars Web Solutions does not currently offer as an option. We will evaluate the functionality desired and determine whether or not we can legally use it as requested (or if it requires purchase from a third party), and if we can incorporate it within your website within the allotted timeframe. Additional time will be quoted at our hourly rate.

Please note that not all scripts/functionality will work well within our Content Management System (CMS) environment. We may be able to incorporate some scripts but not make them editable to the client. We will do our best to find and incorporate a script that accomplished the function desired and can also be updated by the client.


Domain Purchase & Renewals

New domain name registrations cost $75 and include the first two years of registration.
Domain name renewals cost $20/year to renew.


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