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Mobile Website

Why You Need It

As technology progresses, information is becoming more and more accessible and portable with cell phones, smart phones and other portable Wi-Fi and satellite capable devices. Some estimates suggest that sometime in 2013 or 2014, the number of users who connect to the Internet via mobile devices will overtake the number of users who connect to the Internet via desktop computers.

  • 77% of all smart phone users access mobile web from their device and 2 times as many access mobile banking with browsers as they do apps.*
  • Nearly 30 MILLION Americans accessed financial service accounts via their mobile device in the final quarter of last year - an increase of 54% in 12 months.*

So not only does every business now need an Internet presence, but now It is in every business's best interest to have an Internet presence which can accommodate the interfaces of today's and tomorrow's mobile devices, not just desktop computers or home television Internet hook-ups through gaming or other Internet-capable devices. As of late 2010, more than half of large financial institutions offered some type of mobile banking solution. You don't want your institution to get left behind.

* Javelin Research

What It Is

What many businesses do not quite comprehend is that not every page of your website needs to be accessible by mobile device. The primary goal of mobile-device users is convenience: they want to look up specific information or perform an action quickly because most current devices have screens which are too small for proper "web-surfing" to take place. They also don't understand the behind-the-scenes difference between viewing a website with smart- and non-smart phones. That's where the ProfitStars Mobile Website can help. ProfitStars will make specific information mobile-accessible to a multitude of mobile phone devices.

Supported Mobile Operating Systems:

We will support the two (2) most recent wide-release point versions of the following operating systems.

  • iOS (iPhone and iPod touch devices only)
  • Android OS
  • Windows Phone OS

Supported Browsers:

We will support only the versions of the default browser released with the supported operating systems listed above.

Supported Devices:

We detect the device’s current browser environment, known as the User Agent, and check it against our long list of supported user agents. Devices with supported user agents will automatically flip over to the Mobile Website. We regularly updates our supported list. Please note that tablet devices should NOT flip to the Mobile Website.

Mobile devices and user agents are constantly being updated. Due to the continuous flux of devices and user agents, we do not publish the supported user agent list. If you have a question about a particular device, please contact us.

Not Currently Supported:

  • Tablet devices - The Mobile Website product is intended for viewing via phone devices only. Tablet devices should display the full website, not the Mobile Website.
  • Non-default browser applications on any of the supported operating systems.
  • Other mobile operating systems not specifically listed above.

What We Provide

ProfitStars Mobile Website is a templated solution which can be branded with your institution's logo, colors, and ads (space permitting). The templates are designed to provide access to the information your mobile users are most likely to need: your locations, your contact information, and a link or login to your mobile banking provider.

The transformation is simple. You pick a design template, then ProfitStars will guide you in choosing the contents to fill out your template. We format and publish this information into a separate directory. Then, we redirect any mobile phones which access your main website to your mobile site. Your mobile site also has a link to your full website, so users may switch back to access more information if they need to.

Updating the information is easy with the ProfitStars Content Management System (CMS). The content of the mobile pages can be managed as easily as the content of the primary website and you get the added benefit of the audit features built into the CMS.

ProfitStars Mobile Website can also be used in conjunction with our SSL and Website Integrity Monitoring services.

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