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Responsive Websites

Why You Need It

The landscape of the Internet is evolving, and so is the way your customers are viewing it. With smartphone and tablet usage on the rise, mobile users are expecting optimal viewing experiences across all devices. Responsive Web Design enables financial institutions to better engage on-the-go consumers and stay ahead of the competition.

What It Is

Responsive Web Design is the new emerging Web design standard that enables financial institutions to respond to this growing demand, connect with next-generation customers, and enhance the mobile experience for the end-user. This solution supports any Web-enabled device, delivering an optimal viewing experience by adapting to individual screen sizes across mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. According to the size of the screen, the website will reorganize content, resize images, and adjust font sizes to deliver a quality experience to the end-user.

Responsive Web Design also streamlines maintenance processes for financial institutions because it requires support for only one website versus other solutions that require updates to multiple websites.

ProfitStars Responsive Websites can also be used in conjunction with our SSL and Website Integrity Monitoring services.

What We Provide

We will help you establish information (content) goals and then determine how the provided information can effectively flow visually between differing device sizes. Once we have all of the content information from you, we will custom design and build your website to meet varying device standards while maintaining your brand.

What You Provide

As part of the development process, you will submit the information (content) your financial institution needs to have available within the website, your branding information and resources, and any other custom imagery which needs to be incorporated into the design or content of the website. The information provided by the financial institution will influence the design and layout as much as the design and layout may influence the information presented. It will be a fluid process, just as the end result will be a fluid website.


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